Thursday, 24 April 2014

How to Reduce Air Conditioning Costs of Sizeable Homes

If you are the owner of a spacious home, then maintenance and consumption costs of the HVAC system must be a matter of concern. It is quite natural that the air condition costing of a three-storied house has to be greater than a two roomed flat. Does this mean you compromise with the comfort factor, fearing an exorbitant utility bill? Absolutely not! A study shows that by adopting a balanced scientific perspective you can easily save up to 20% in terms of monthly utility bills, irrespective of the home area. Some knickknacks can help you get some positive results:

Routine Cleaning of the HVAC Unit

This is one procedure which should be followed on a regular basis, especially for large buildings. A general cleaning helps remove dusts particles from air that could cause health hazards. Also the cleaning puts lesser pressure on the AC since dust-free air remains cooler and circulates faster throughout the building.

Check  Air Conditioner Unit Components

This should include a detailed checkup and maintenance of ducts, airflow gauges, air filter, coils and refrigerants. If needed, necessary repair/replacement should be done immediately. With this procedure the AC system can function better. Simultaneously energy consumption is reduced. Always keep in mind that delay in air filter replacement, duct status or refrigerant check means hike in electricity bill. At the same time, your AC maintenance costs shoot up too.

Now, that you are aware of basic guidelines, the next logical step is to consult a reliable and experienced HVAC contractor. It is very important to entrust the job to a qualified company only, if you are really serious about reducing carbon footprint. Primary responsibilities of the HVAC contractor are to provide fresh indoor air and keep energy consumption to a minimum level. Here are few aspects you need to assess prior to engaging a firm for AC installation/ upkeep of your expansive home.

  • How long the company is in business?  A sound track record of at least over 20 years does help in offering specialized air conditioning assistance, especially for huge setups.
  • Does the firm have technicians and installers who are properly certified and up-to-date with relevant information? This is one crucial factor which is to be verified. After all you don’t want to end up with incompetent technicians who have no idea if your AC needs filter replacement or coil cleaning!
  • Is the company located at a convenient position? Do they respond promptly to your emergency call? A central location and an exemplary customer service mean the company technicians will be at your doorstep within minutes of receiving the emergency call.
  • Does the company adopt a transparent approach while explaining its terms of services? Be it offering customized services for your three stored building or even a money back guarantee, everything should be explained clearly along with a written warranty, before taking up the project.
A prudent approach is the only way to tide over uncomfortable summer months with a comfortable utility bill.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Air Conditioning Requirements

Air conditioning is a necessity in certain parts of the United States while, heating arrangement is a must-have in some other areas. When it comes to air conditioning needs in San Francisco Bay Area, one thing can be said is that the requirement is not that intense as compared to the southwest or deep south. Actually residents of the Bay Area are blessed with quite a pleasant weather. Hence they don’t always require the same degree of temperature control as is needed in some other states. Residents in SF Bay Area can thus enjoy diverse air conditioning options. The ultimate aim of San Francisco air conditioning service providers is to guarantee the most pleasant living condition at your home within reasonable price.

Different Types of San Francisco Air Conditioning Options

In general, air conditioning options for San Francisco residents are almost the same as in other parts of the country. As mentioned, it is the moderate temperature of the Bay Area which makes it best fit for nearly every type of air conditioner that is available in the market. What is needed is to pick up an AC unit which is energy efficient, easy to maintain and  cost saving.

To ensure comfort in every room, central air conditioning is the most logical, efficient and cost-effective option.

The only problem with central AC is that if you are installing it for the first time then be prepared to spend a lump-sum amount. Since the installation for most central AC systems involves huge amount of ductwork, the overall process indeed comes at a price. Ductless or mini-duct AC is economical alternative for those who have limited budget. Again if you are already having the central cooling unit but thinking of upgrading it, then better try out a latest and efficient condenser. This will surely help improve the system performance and cut down your monthly electricity bills too.

Alternatives to Conventional Air Conditioning System

Bay Area residents are well aware of the changing temperature over there. It doesn’t vary dramatically but the weather condition still demands cooling in winter and heating in summer to maintain a pleasurable temperature inside the house  Thus many AC companies have come up with a unique concept whereby installing a single unit will serve both heating and cooling purposes. Since only one ductwork is needed in such units, that helps reduce installation costs. Only word of caution is that such system might not work in extreme weather conditions. However, keeping the moderate temperature of SF Bay Area in mind, such a unit should efficiently serve the basic purpose of heating and cooling throughout the year.

If you are interested in installing a new AC unit or want to modify the existing one, it is recommended that you consult any San Francisco air conditioning specialist for authentic opinion.