Friday, 23 February 2018

Using a Humidifier

If you are living in a cold climate, you most likely deal with low humidity levels every winter. It is difficult for cold air to hold moisture, so your house dries out naturally this time of year. The best solution is running a humidifier.

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What are humidifiers?

The main purpose of this equipment is to enhance the levels of humidity in an interior space. Essentially, there are two kinds of humidifiers:

Portable humidifiers: these are small enough and can be set on the tabletop. There is a water reservoir that can be refilled periodically for keeping the humidifier running. This is the best option if you wish to humidify just one room in the house, like your bedroom.

Humidifiers for the entire house are installed within the HVAC system and they work together with your furnace. The output of the water is controlled by the humidistat, connected directly to the plumbing. While these units require professional installation, their end result is good, with homes that are evenly humidified.

How do humidifiers really work?

There are various kinds of humidifiers, with each working differently:
       1. Evaporative humidifiers: these humidifiers feature a wicking filter and a cold-water reservoir. Air is blown over the filter through a fan. The filter in turn absorbs water, vaporizing the moisture then sending it only at regulated rates.

       2. Impeller humidifiers tend to toss water into a comb-like diffuser from a spinning disc. This separates the water in tiny droplets that puff into the air.
       3. Ultrasonic humidifiers work silently with the use of a metal diaphragm that shakes at a very high frequency to create a cool mist.

      4. Vaporizers or steam humidifiers boil water and tend to release the warm steam in the air.

What are the benefits of humidifiers?

Here are a few ways humidifiers benefit you in the winters:

      1. Keep healthy: Humidification assists in decreasing the spreading of germs in the air. Balanced humidity also helps in easing congestion and helps you recover from illnesses.

     2. Sleep well: when you keep your room in comfortable humidity level you are able to sleep soundly and get up feeling relaxed instead of dried out.

     3. Prevent dry hair and skin: a lot of people only make use of lotion during dry winters. To prevent flaky scalp, dry skin, and brittle hair, use a humidifier at your house.

    4.  Save on utility bills: When you humidify, less moisture vaporizes from your skin, which means you can reduce the thermostat by a few degrees without feeling any discomfort.

There are so many benefits of humidifiers. However, for best results make sure you use a whole-house humidifier. It will ensure that the entire space is comfortable. It’s particularly beneficial to run a humidifier when you feel congested, or are prone to bloody noses or dry skin during the winters.