Sunday, 21 May 2017

Spring Air Conditioning Tune-Up Checklist!

Are you thoroughly enjoying the spring? Do not let the warm summer months come upon you without making sure you have the A/C serviced. Tune-ups before the season are helpful for ensuring optimum performance and decreasing potential for repair requirements.

What does a tune-up really mean?

A tune-up is a chance for a certified HVAC technician to evaluate your system professionally and ensure that all issues are corrected. The technician arrives with a tune-up checklist and starts the process with a physical inspection of the outside and inside units. It can go with few of the following treatments and tests:

1. Leaks are diagnosed and pressures tested
2. Refrigerant level is adjusted if needed, and related refrigerant leak issues are addressed
3. Any fittings that are loosened are tightened
4. Lubrication of bearings and other parts
5. Condensate pans and coils are cleaned and properly inspected
6. Thermostat is inspected
7. Ducts are inspected

If there are any issues with the system, the technician will bring them to your attention, and suggest replacements or repairs required to complete the optimization of the system.

Advantages of A/C Tune-Ups

There are numerous reasons you will need a tune-up. It is important to service the AC every spring to get the best possible performance. This can lead to:

1. Your AC unit has a longer life
2. Approximately 95 percent decrease in unforeseen repairs
3. Reduced energy bills and enhanced efficiency
4. Better quality of home air
5. Complete comfort during the summers
6. Professional recommendations about the system’s life
7. Assistance in planning for the eventual equipment upgrade

Signs that your A/C unit needs a tune-up!

Most people put off tune ups for a very long time just to avoid that extra expense. However, it is important to pay attention to certain telltale signs that something is not working correctly, planning service to evade serious damage. Some problems that you must watch out for are,

1. Poor flow of air from your air ducts – there may be a block in your coils or ducts, or filter
2. The air temperatures are not very cool – reduced refrigerant levels may cause poor cooling
3. You see a layer of ice on your system’s coils –dirty coils or decreased refrigerant levels can lead to freezing of the system coils
4. Unfamiliar sounds from the outdoor or indoor unit – the equipment may have a loose or broken part that may lead to unrepairable damage
5. The system runs continuously – the settings of the thermostat may be incorrect or the battery may be low
6. Unexplained increase in the energy bills – there could be an issue with your equipment, a proper tune-up will offer a solution

A tune-up is very helpful in addressing these problems and offers the opportunity to have an inspection for your equipment overall. In case of a system failure, make sure you call up a professional A/C repair service provider. They are the best in dealing with any sort of issue with the machine, without making things worse.