Friday, 24 November 2017

Allergens air filters eliminate

There is so much your HVAC air filters do to ensure your unit is protected. In fact, they even help safeguard your health. High-efficiency HVAC filters can be a very strong line of defense for asthma and allergy sufferers, decreasing triggers by filtering out airborne contaminants to offer clean indoor air.

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Here are some of the contaminants that can cause major issues to your health, but can be kept at bay if you have strong filtration systems installed within your HVAC:

           1.Household dust:

The toxicity of the dust may vary, depending on what it is made of- anything from dirt to skin cells and pollutant particles from power stations to manufacturing facilities.

2.Dust mites
50% of asthma occurrences and 25% of allergies are a consequence of dust mites that consume dust, pollen, and skin cells, and can get inside your nose from furnishings when sleeping.

3. Lint

Lint inside your house can create a dangerous cocktail of chemicals such as, softeners, detergents, and fabric preservatives that can lead to distress and respiratory inflammation, disorders of the central nervous system, and even major diseases like cancer.

4. Bacteria

Bacteria ranging from non-pathogenic to normal to dangerous pneumonia, tuberculosis, and legionella can be found flying around in our houses. Air filters help eliminate them from coming through the HVAC.

5. Pet dander

Small and lightweight, skin cells from pets tend to remain suspended inside the air for a very long time, leading to allergies and asthma in individuals that are affected.

6. Smoke

Smoke from fires and cigarettes discharge toxic matters that can get inside the lungs, leading to a range of reactions from acute bronchitis and asthma attacks to stroke, cancer, heart attack, and death due to long-term exposure.

7. Pollen

Pollens are extremely bothersome for sufferers of allergies, and almost dangerous for those who suffer from asthma, going outside sneezing to lead to anaphylaxis in individuals who are hyper-sensitive.

8. Mold

Almost 20% of people have allergy from mold spores, but even the ones who are not affected by dangerous compounds – mycotoxins – released by certain species, suffering from respiratory issues, flu systems, fatigue and headache.

9. Virus carriers

The best way to stop the spreading of viruses through sneezes and coughs is through the right air filter.

10. Microscopic allergens

The truth is smaller the particle, bigger the chance of bloodstream and lung penetration

For those who suffer from severe asthma, allergies, or have multiple pets, higher filter efficiency can help in breathing easy, but may necessitate a blower motor boost for counteracting the airflow restriction due to filter’s tighter weave. If you wish to make the most out of your HVAC and want to keep the allergies at bay then ensure that your filters are working well.