Monday, 24 December 2018

Hardy Houseplants That Will Survive the Indoor Heating

During winter, a lot of houses become inhospitable for houseplants. Several spaces are drafty, others are over-heated, and some have less natural sunlight coming from the windows. Here are some houseplants that are easy to care even during the winters.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
  1. ZZ plant:
This is one of the hardiest plants you will find, which makes it the perfect option. The thing that makes this plant especially notable is its extraordinary ability to survive in areas with less natural light. Though this plant can also survive in brighter areas, its capability of thriving in the dark is what makes it a great option for the winters.

  1. Maidenhair fern:
Several varieties of fern do not require a lot of sun light as they are used to thriving in forests, completely shaded by trees. However, ferns do demand high humidity and have to be misted and watered frequently. Therefore, this plant is only for those who are hands on. While most houseplants like to dry out after being watered, ferns prefer staying moist. Maidenhair fern makes for a pretty choice with lacy, delicate leaves.

  1. Chinese evergreen:
Aglaonema are known to have beautiful green, patterned leaves. They can easily survive low light and keep their growth and color intact. However, if you keep your plant inside a low-lit room, pay close attention to the amount of water you put into the plant as there is a big chance of overwatering. Apart from this, in case the room does not have enough natural light, substitute sunlight with the light of a lamp.

  1. Clivia:
In case you have a chilly room that receives very less sunlight, then clivia is the best plant to have. This tough plant actually does well in cooler weather. Low temperature permits the beautiful blooms to arise, typically in yellow or orange. This plant does not only blossom in drafty houses, but the vivacious colors also add brightness to the space. Moreover, clivia does not require a lot of watering.

  1. Moss terrarium:
For securing your plants from a strong breeze close to the front door or window, think of glass terrarium. It can hold humidity inside the glass and secure the plants from cold and hot drafts. Not only will the terrarium secure the plants within, but will add to the decor of the room.

  1. Jade plant:
Most plants do not like the combination of hot radiator air and cold air. However, there are certain plants that tolerate it. Jade plant is one of those floras that can survive any kind of temperature variation. It is a kind of succulent, which will work best close to an open window during winters. It does not require a lot of water and is able to flourish with watering in every 21 days.

With the winters on their way, there is no need to worry about what you can do to make the insides of your home more hospitable and greener. These plants will add life and beauty to any house and will even survive the HVAC heating.