Tuesday, 27 August 2019

All about Natural Gas Garage Heaters

A natural gas garage heater is a relatively small unit that can be mounted onto a wall or kept freestanding. This form of the device makes use of natural gas for generating heat, instead of exploiting expensive sources such as electricity. The basic mechanism involves the burning of natural gas, circulated by a pump, to produce the heating effect. The vents, built on the furnace, permit the warm air to break out and envelop the garage with an air of heat, normally covering a decent radius. These devices have the capability to increase the temperature by several degrees.

Image Courtesy: Pixabay
The basic operating principle behind this furnace is as below:

Whenever there is a requirement to generate heat, the gas from the fuel pipe flows all the way through a valve, within the heater. A pilot flame sets fire to the fuel and a flare is produced within the heat exchanger. As soon as the exchanger achieves a set temperature, a fan automatically starts and blows the air through the exchanger. This results in a warmer air being discharged.

Natural Gas Garage Heater Vs the Others

Natural gas garage heater has several other adversaries, differing in the overall mechanism. Two such competitors are electric furnaces and hot water garage furnaces. While electric furnaces are least expensive to install, their overall maintenance is a little high, especially due to electricity being their power source. Similarly, a hot water furnace requires the installation of a home boiler system, and if the boiler is not working properly, the heater fails to produce heat.

Hence, keeping the aforementioned operating drawbacks in mind, natural gas garage heater seems to be the best choice to heat garages.

Fundamentally, there are four things that need to be considered when choosing a furnace:
  • Square footage of the garage
  • Maintenance cost
  • Efficiency ratings
  • Warranty 

Benefits of Natural Gas Garage Heaters

1. Efficient:

Efficiency is undoubtedly the best benefit of such furnaces. They have the ability to snuff out immense heat; hence, the money spent by the consumer will go a long way to heat his/her house.

2. Low clearance requisites:

All of the low-profile natural gas garages heaters have extremely low clearance requirements. Saving time and effort.

3. Fast and powerful:

These furnaces are extremely powerful, fast, and self-contained. They don’t depend on a home boiler to provide heat.

4. Durability:

All unit casings are nursed for rust resistance and painted with a high solids coat.

5. Adjustable louvers:

Almost all furnaces come with adjustable louvers that assist in directing the warm air, where it is required the most.

6. Variety:

The natural gas garage heater comes in a plethora of styles and sizes to cater to the varying customer needs and requirements. If chosen suitably, one will not have to be concerned about over or under-sizing. 

Do not forget to consult a capable HVAC professional to ensure that the furnace selected for the garage is the best option for you. Consulting an experienced and genuine dealer is very important.