Thursday, 23 August 2018

August Home Checklist

August is a good time to get the house ready for the changing season by ticking off some of these things on your checklist.

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Check all of your safety devices. 

Make sure you test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and get all your batteries replaced as needed. Watch for the expiration date on the extinguisher and replace what is needed.
Remove all your window air conditioning units. 

If you make use of window AC units, it is now time to either cover them with insulation or remove them. It is best to remove the units as this will help you to shut the windows, reducing loss of heat during the chilly weather. In case you choose to leave them during the coming months, make sure to buy insulating covers made for this purpose and attach them outside securely.

Use weather stripping. 

The contemporary double-pane windows do not require weatherstripping, However, if you have old windows, then weatherstripping can assist in retaining heat and stopping drafts. Inspect areas that have weatherstripping from last season and replace or remove as needed.

Check the gutters and roofs. 

It is normally fine to wait till all the autumn leaves have fallen for cleaning out the downspouts and gutters, but giving a quick visual check to these areas is always a good idea. Pull out the debris obstructing the gutters, and keep a note of any seals that are worn-out around chimneys and vent pipes. In case you feel uncomfortable using a ladder, hire a specialist to do the job for you. Plan any required repairs now to make sure your house is secure during the winter months.

Schedule furnace and chimney maintenance. 

Make sure the heating system and fireplace are safe, clean, and ready by having a professional inspect it. If your chimney is clean, make sure you don’t start a fire with an animal family inside. And in case there is no chimney cap, get one installed. 

Consider increasing the insulation. 

If you want to save on your electricity bills this season you should think about adding more insulation to the attic space or within the walls. This will help and make a huge difference in how well the house retains heat during winter time and how the house stays cool during the summers.

Order firewood. 

In case you utilize a wood stove to get the coziness and warmth, it is a good time now to stock upon firewood. However, to avoid pests, do not store the wood right against the house, but make sure you keep it secured from snow and rain by keeping it beneath a shelter.

It is time to get everything in place so that your house is cozy and comfortable during the entire season. You can also call a professional HVAC expert to get your space in good shape.