Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tips for your HVAC when going on a vacation

Vacations evoke feelings of excitement and adventure. But it’s always important to be ready before you embark on your little journey. There are a lot of things that will require your attention before you leave, such as packing for the trip, intimating everyone about your unavailability, etc. With a huge to-do list in front of you, you may forget taking care of your HVAC system. Below are a few tips you must follow before you leave on vacation.

1. Raising the Thermostat level

When you’re not in town, you won’t need your HVAC system to keep the inside space at a cooler or warmer temperature. If you raise the temperature when out of town you can save a lot on repairs and energy bill in the future. It is best to set the thermostat between 80-85 F.

2. Surge Protection

You may face power outage at your house when you are out of town. In case there is a power surge when you are away, your HVAC could get damaged. By fitting in a surge protector you will ensure that your system does not get damaged because of an outage.

3. Maintenance of air filters

Remember, your HVAC system will still be functioning while you are out of town. Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure the air filter is as clean as possible before leaving. Clean filter can help in preventing malfunctions within your system when you are away.

4. Security

Most of us schedule timers to turn the lights off and on while away. We normally forget to take security measures for our HVAC system. Putting a sensor light or alarm on your HVAC system can offer a lot of protection. Moreover, you can also put a fence around your HVAC for more security.

5. Routine Care

Before leaving for the trip, it is always a good idea to call up an HVAC technician to perform a thorough examination of your system. The tech must check to make sure levels of refrigerant are precise, coils are clean, air filters are clean, all connections are secure, and the like.

These are just a few ways you can keep your HVAC system running efficiently while you are away on a vacation. Your vacation should be a time to relax and de-stress. By making sure you follow the tips mentioned above, you can rest assured your HVAC will remain in a good shape when you come back.  However, when choosing a contractor for HVAC maintenance, make sure you choose a professional who knows his work and can offer you the best possible service at the best possible rate.