Monday, 26 December 2016

Performing a Home Energy Audit this Winter Season

Home energy audits can help you assess the efficiency of your house. By reviewing the exterior and interior of your home you can measure the energy efficiency of the building and find out where you can save energy.

Do it yourself home energy audit:

If you do not have the budget to spend $500 to $800 on an audit, you can easily perform a test to figure out some of the house’s inefficiencies.
  1. Analyze your energy bill. Match your energy bill to houses similar to yours. If you feel that your bills are comparatively higher than other houses or they are increasing steadily, you could have a problem.
  2. Analyze your house and find out if the windows and doors have drafts. Improper gaps and insulation in the doors and windows may let the air inside escape while letting the outdoor air in, making it expensive.
  3. Seal any Caulk drafty doors or windows. One of the easiest ways to save energy is to seal and insulate!
Employing an expert to perform the energy audit for you:

For a detailed recommendation about saving energy in the house, you can call up a professional auditor. Before browsing the internet, call up the utility company. Some utility companies offer free energy audits.

Things to expect from a professional audit:

After you have found a professional, there are a lot of things you can expect during the energy audit. As a part of internal inspection, the professional will perform two tests: thermo graphic or infrared test or the blower door test.

  1. The blower door is utilized for measuring any airflow leakages inside the house. The expert will attach the blower door to the door front and blow out air till the time it has reached a specific pressure. Then, the professional will gauge the air that is flowing back from fissures and the blower door to establish the possible problem areas.
  2. Infrared scans are tools energy auditors utilize for assessing how much air the house is leaking. The professional will make use of an infrared scanner to figure out if the insulation in the house is effective or not, and places where extra insulation is required.

Once the audit is completed, the professional will hand over a report with the findings. This document will include measures you can take to enhance the energy efficiency of the house. This is how you can make sure you save on power bills during winters.

To benefit from the energy audit, make sure you use the recommendations of an audit professional. Also, try to implement these tips as much as you can for best results.