Thursday, 23 March 2017

How to Prolong the Life of your HVAC System?

HVAC is always a costly investment, one every house owner should make only a few times in their lifetime. According to experts, a system lasts for approximately fifteen to twenty years, and there are numerous things that homeowners can do to increase the life of their HVAC.

Pre-season check-ups and cleaning

It is very important to get the HVAC checked and cleaned before the start of any season, normally once in the spring and once in fall. This routine helps in catching any issues before the season begins and ensures the system works smoothly. Plan maintenance check-ups and cleaning early to make sure you get hold of efficient and licensed technicians.

Checking air filters on a regular basis

Dirty or clogged air filters can reduce the air flow to your system, creating extra stress and making the HVAC work harder. This may cause damage to the blower motor. When you check the filters on a regular basis, you can avoid the build-up of dust or dirt, eventually causing less tension on the motor and extending the life of your system.

Inspecting the equipment

Inspecting the HVAC equipment regularly can help in catching small issues before they become big. While you will require a technician for inspecting the ducts for air leaks and for maintaining your equipment, there are several things you can do yourself.

Be vigilant about any equipment that is susceptible to excess wear and tear or corrosion. For heat pumps or central air conditioning systems, any parts that are outside the house should be checked visually for buildup of leaves, damage or debris.

Apart from this, every owner must regularly see if there are any leaks in the outside equipment. For instance, finding oily substance on surfaces can indicate towards a refrigerant leak.

Give a break to your system

For most homes, an HVAC system runs seven days a week. This can take a toll on the system. It is very important to give a break to your system to keep it from being overworked. Using an automated thermostat can help, because it will help you adjust the system’s temperature during the day and at times when you are not home. This way, when you get back, it will be less work for your system to get the house back to the correct temperature. Normally, a slight ‘break’ for the HVAC system will make a huge difference when it comes to the pressure on it in the long run, and will assist you in getting maximum savings possible.

There is no way to guarantee or predict the life of an HVAC system. However, with these handy tips you can keep your HVAC running efficiently and smoothly, increasing its life and helping you get the best out of the investment. Also, any time you feel that your system is not functioning properly, make sure you contact a HVAC maintenance expert immediately. The professional will be able to find and rectify the fault before it becomes a costly damage.