Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Five most common central heating problems

Having a central heating system is no longer a luxury. For those who live in cold climates, central heating system is a necessity to survive the chilly winter cold. However, installing a quality system isn’t enough, it is also important to make sure your machine remains in good shape the whole year round. By performing regular maintenance, you will be able to avoid costly maintenance charges and a cold house during unbearable winters.

Once you’re aware of the top five problems related to central heating, you will be in perfect position to keep your home comfortable and warm. 
  1. Complete heat loss - If switching on your furnace gives absolutely no response, the first thing you must do is isolate the issue – try to analyze where the problem lies. In case the system isn’t getting enough electrical power, it is best to call an electrician. Check out the pilot light. If it’s not igniting, the problem probably lies with the gas supply. You will have to call the gas supplier to tackle this issue. Also, check if the thermostat is “on” and the temperature is high enough to trigger the furnace.
  2. Partial heat loss - If your furnace is giving out heat but is not operating at its best efficiency, you may have different problems going on. It is a possibility that your ductwork system is suffering from blockages or leaks. In case you have radiators, it is also possible that the radiators require bleeding to get rid of trapped air.
  3. Problem with the ductwork system - Since ductwork is used extensively throughout the house, there can be several blockages due to insects or rodents. A blockage in the ductwork will normally require the services of a professional, who can analyze and fix the problem. Leaks in ductwork, leading to evasion of heat from the ducts also necessitates expert service to mend.
  4. Pilot light issues - It is important for the pilot light to be lit continuously for the furnace to work efficiently. If you check the light and it is not lit, you will have to reignite it. In case you see the pilot light is set to “on”, test its strength. The flame has to be blue and strong – not weak and yellow. A weak pilot light can be extremely dangerous, leading to high levels of fatal carbon monoxide. It is best to call a professional if you ever face pilot light issues. 
  5. Broken Thermostat - If you observe that your thermostat is malfunctioning, with freezing temperatures one minute and high temperatures soon after, then the thermostat is probably broken. This can cause the machine to misread the real temperature of the room and fail to run properly. It is best to call a professional to recalibrate the thermostat. In case the device is beyond repair, consider getting it replaced.
You may not be able to handle central heating problems on your own; you can certainly diagnose and get a professional to perform the repairs. Use information available over the internet to troubleshoot the furnace. It is also a good idea to call up experienced central heating maintenance providers for professional assistance.