Thursday, 23 July 2015

Do you know how your HVAC system works?

You pick up your electricity bill in February or August and cringe before even opening the envelope, knowing that the cost of your HVAC will drain out a fortune. But as notorious as cooling and heating are for putting holes in pockets, efficient practices can help you in saving a lot of money. One of the best ways to save money on maintenance and repair is to know how your HVAC system really works. Basically, having this knowledge can lead you to perform basic maintenance on your own, in turn saving you a lot of hard earned cash.

The basics:

There are three main components to any HVAC system. In simple terms, for people who have little or no clue about cooling and heating systems, the three components are the cooled or warm air source, a distribution method for the air that has been cooled or heated, and a way for regulating or controlling the amount of air being dispersed.

When the three components are put into action, here is what happens:

Heated air produced by the furnace or the cooled air coming out from the air conditioner is distributed with the help of air ducts. Same air ducts are used for distributing both the cooled as well as the heated air. However, the amount of cooled or heated air sent from these ducts is regulated by the thermostat and this is how an HVAC system works. According to experts, if you face any problem related to your HVAC unit, 99% of the times one of the three components is the culprit.

Apart from knowing the basic functioning of your HVAC unit, there are a few other points that must also be kept in mind:

  • Your HVAC system design is based on the floor plan of your house. The ductwork and ventilation is planned to hit each area of the building.
  • The air used for heating and cooling your home is typically pulled from outside but gets filtered with the help of ventilators that disinfect and clean the air brought in.
  • A blower and wheel send the air through the HVAC system.

Regular maintenance of your unit:

While the HVAC may sound pretty self-sufficient, cleaning your system is important. It is impossible for the filter to keep the system clean all the time, especially when it’s dirty and incapable of working properly. If you are facing HVAC issues, it is important that you contact a cleaning company ASAP. Failing to do so on time, can disturb the air quality because of which your house will not be as healthy and comfortable as you’ll like it to be. Getting the unit cleaned by a professional can ensure proper removal of dust, pests and other things stuck inside the unit.

A clean and well maintained HVAC unit is a more affordable unit. If the air ducts are dust free, you will be saving a lot of money because the air will move freely. You will see a drastic difference in your electricity bill. Apart from this, you will also be saving a lot of money on doctor or hospital bills that you would had to bear because of unhygienic, unhealthy conditions all around you.