Friday, 22 June 2018

Technical Talk: Budget for an AC Replacement This Summer

Having an AC to keep you cool is a necessity during those hot summer months. But do you find your AC performing at its optimum? This is a good time to re-evaluate how well your unit is working. Is it being able to run efficiently? Or, is the air-conditioning struggling to perform with your electricity bills skyrocketing? If so, then it is time to get a replacement.

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How to find out if you require an AC replacement?

The most sophisticated air conditioners will also require replacement at some point. When summer months are close, it is the right time to decide if you need a replacement. Here are a few things that can help you notice if the system is not performing well:

1. You hear odd noises: If you have had your AC for a few years, you must already know how it sounds when working. If suddenly it starts making odd noises, the unit may be asking for a replacement.

2. Higher than normal cooling bills: Rising rates of electricity can be a reason for the bills but inefficient and old air conditioners also lead to higher cooling bills. If you budget for a replacement you may end up saving.

3. You don’t feel comfortable: cold and hot spots, humidity, and other distresses may indicate towards a system which has reached the end.

4. A decade old AC: while most of the issues mentioned above may be repairable but if your system is more than a decade old it serves in your best interest to replace it instead.

How should you budget?

Installation of a brand new air conditioner is a big investment. In case you have a tight budget, make sure you start saving at least four months before the start of the hot summer months. Here is how you can make your budget:

Research for a fair price: The brand, rating and size of the unit determines the cost of the unit. Make sure you compare estimates from at least four contractors before staring work.

Look for discounts and special offers: many brands may come out with limited time offers and lucrative discounts. Always keep looking for such offers and buy your unit when it is at its best price. Also, if you replace your heating and cooling equipment during the same time, you may save more.

It is best to calculate your annual costs before you make the purchase: even if you have made the initial purchase, using and operating the air conditioner is expensive. Make sure you check the unit for a yellow Energy Guide sticker to lower future cooling costs. You can also talk to an AC specialist for suggestion.