Friday, 26 April 2013

Is it time to replace your AC unit?

This is an important question many homeowners ask when their air conditioning units have crossed over eight to ten years of usage. Old air conditioning units are probably oversized and provide inefficient energy savings and improper cooling to your home’s indoors. If your old unit is too noisy or does not cool properly, then it’s time you consider replacing it for a better model that can reduce environmental impact, improve comfort and lower energy bills. Another important fact that must be noted is that older AC units use ozone-depleting refrigerants. Newer models in the market use refrigerants that are safer and beneficial for the environment. You also need to know that if you don’t replace your old unit at the right time, it could cause serious contamination for your indoors and also encounter massive failure. This could prove to be a costly mess to clean up. So, replace your unit quickly to save money in the long run and also benefit from sustained energy efficiency. It all comes down to these three points to help you determine if you should replace your system or not.
  • The life of the AC unit has exceeded 10 or 15 years of usage.
  • The AC unit is very loud during operation.
  • The AC has completely failed to function.
  • Maintaining the AC unit has become too expensive due to its recurring problems.
If you encounter one or more of the given list of points mentioned above, then you should consider replacing your unit. When you buy a new AC unit, take care to purchase one that operates above a 10 SEER level in energy savings. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and homeowners can use this information to buy a unit that mentions 10 or above in SEER level. There is another advantage of gaining incentives when a new unit is purchase. There are many states in America that offer special incentives when you buy a high efficiency model. Federal tax credits are also made available and homeowners should take advantage of it. There are a few advantages you can enjoy if you replace your old unit and they are:-

1. New Government Standards – There are new standards set by the Federal Government for every homeowner who replaces or purchases a new AC unit with a high SEER rating. You can get a new system that cools efficiently and saves you on energy bills every month.

2. Good Return on Investment – Replacing an old unit depends on its efficiency and size. Buying a unit with a high SEER rating may prove to be expensive at present but will save you money in the long run due to its capacity to run efficiently and save on energy. 

3. Environmentally Friendly – Not many homeowners know that AC units that were purchased before the year 2010 used a refrigerant known as the R-22. This is the very same refrigerant that is causing the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer which protects the environment. Due to this, the EPA has banned manufacturers from making air conditioners with this particular refrigerant, which was responsible of releasing harmful amounts of chemicals into the air. If you buy or replace your old unit, you can do your part in protecting the environment. 

4. Reduce Maintenance Costs – An old unit will add to your electric bills and maintenance costs as well. A new unit can save up to 20% of your energy bills and prove to be an efficient cooling system during the hot weather.

5. Reduce Humidity levels – Sometimes you may feel that are some areas in your home that are really warm while there are some areas that are really cool. This is due to improper insulation, leaky ducts or faulty equipment. It may also be possible that you installed an improperly sized AC unit for your home. This in turn increases humidity levels in the home which results in improper cooling. A new unit can solve the problem as you can check if the system is of the right size for your home. You can also ask your contractor to check if your home is properly insulated and ducts are free from harmful particulates and working properly. They can also check to see if your home’s thermostat is working properly to make sure that you save on energy bills and run the system according to your family’s schedule.

The whole process may seem daunting or expensive but replacing an old unit with a new energy efficient model will be the right decision to make. However make sure that whatever unit you purchase, maintenance comes first. This will ensure that your system has a long life and cools your home efficiently for many more years to come.

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