Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Significance of maintaining the Air Conditioner during winter

The air conditioning is one of the most overused electronic gadgets in any household. Since it starts running from spring, the machine hardly gets any rest throughout the summer and is switched off only when winter approaches. Seldom people bother about its maintenance until an emergency situation arises. This is turn results in additional expenses and hassles too. Rather than waiting for an emergency to happen, it is advisable to take proper care of the air conditioner during winter so as to ensure its peak performance during the spring or summer months. If this explanation doesn’t sound motivating enough then discussed below are few reasons which should encourage you to maintain the AC unit in spite of the freezing weather.
Ø  Utilize the winter month to carry out a thorough inspection of the cooling unit
If last summer you were troubled with exorbitantly high electric bills, then utilize this resting period to take a close look at what is bugging your cooling unit. Is it because of accumulation of too much debris or a clogged filter which is causing the problem? Do you feel any component of the AC unit is damaged or rusted and hence causing over expenditure? Then it is time to give a call to the HVAC unit so that they can do a detailed inspection of the air conditioning system and suggest necessary measures.
Ø  Regular maintenance of the AC unit ensures prolonged life and round-the-year smooth performance
If you have invested thousands of dollars just a year back to purchase the new air conditioning unit, then it is natural that you would like to retain it for few more years and that too in perfect condition. By following a proper maintenance regime, it is possible to ensure a smooth and extended performance of the AC machine. In fact specialists suggest inspection and tuning of the cooling unit by an HVAC professional, at least once or twice in a year. So why not schedule the winter time for yearly inspection thus ensuring the AC runs uninterrupted during peak seasons!
Ø  Make sure that the air conditioning unit looks its best
While you just can’t avoid having an AC condenser which looks large and bulky, the best you can do to improve its look is by keeping it dirt and rust free. Clean and dry it thoroughly and then cover it up properly before the winter sets in. This way you not only protect the machine from extreme weather and critters but also make sure that the unit looks spotlessly clean when you uncover it to use.
Now that you know why you need to winterize the air conditioner, the next thing to decide is how to do so. While some basic cleaning acts or covering the AC unit can be performed at home, for specialized assistance you should get in touch with an Air Conditioning specialist. One good idea is to look for a certified service provider which has all-round expertise in installation and maintenance of cooling units.

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