Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Why do you need to have an energy efficient Air Conditioner

When monthly utility bills start shooting up, you realize that summer is scorching your pocket too! Thus relief lies in having an energy efficient Air Conditioning system which lets you manage the cooling level as per your needs; so that your monthly electricity bills are intact. A yearly assessment is suggested for AC systems which have started aging. Exorbitant energy bills and insufficient cooling are some indications to explore energy efficient cooling options for your home.

A simple replacement decision is not enough. It is very important to be armed with precise information which will help in purchasing an energy efficient air conditioner. The first step should begin from your home.

Know What your Home Needs
  • Your home location; i.e. whether it experiences extreme/moderate weather conditions.
  • What kind of home you live in, what is the total sq. ft., how many stories it has.
  • Your standard comfort level i.e. whether you want extreme cold or excess warmth in your home.

Once these questions are answered, you will be able to shortlist the best AC system within your budget.

Types of Cooling Options

Window AC – Those who are followers of the old school method might prefer this cooling option. The best thing about a Window unit is that it is fairly inexpensive to purchase and really simple to install. However, such a system works best for single rooms but definitely not for the entire home. Unfortunately, it is not an energy efficient option which you realize once those seals start leaking, thereby allowing heat and moisture to seep through the room.

Central Air Conditioning – It helps to control even temperature throughout the house. Then this hidden unit, if properly installed, is a great value addition to your home. The only thing is that you should be prepared to spend a hefty sum for purchase and installation purpose.

The Split Air Conditioning system – It is the most convenient option for maximum homes. Energy efficient and easy to install, the split system cools your entire home thoroughly and quickly. Then there are units which come with special filtration and bacteria killing techniques thus presenting you with fresh indoor air. Some feel that if purchase costs are compared then the Spilt system is comparatively expensive than the Window one. However, the split AC emerges winner in the long run, since it keeps both your home and wallet cool!

Now that you have decided to install a new Air Conditioning system, the next prudent step is to consult any recognized air conditioning specialist for customized analysis of your home cooling needs. Accordingly, you should make the purchase/replacement decision.

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