Tuesday, 12 August 2014

How to Make your Window Air Conditioner Burglar-proof?

With mercury rising incessantly inside skyscraper cells, air conditioner units have become an indispensable part of modern city life. A window air conditioning unit provides efficient cooling in little time. Of course being an electronic device, the risk related to a sudden break down always remains for which certain precautionary measures can be taken.

Apart from technical snags, something even worse can happen to the cooling unit. Your window air conditioner might become an easy burglary target! Homeowners, therefore have to be little more careful and adopt extra precautionary measures to make their air cooling systems burglar-proof.

External Brackets

Get a high quality external bracket for your air conditioning unit as soon as possible. These brackets provide additional support to the cooling unit while securing it well with the window. This in turn serves two purposes. Firstly, it becomes very difficult to move the air conditioner. Secondly, no one can easily break into your house by pushing the device inwards.

Corner Braces

Function wise, corner braces are almost similar to external brackets. You can still install braces to enhance security arrangement. When corner braces are attached to all four sides of the air conditioner, these help secure the device properly. Then these braces protect the surrounding wall area too thereby preventing the device from being pulled out or pushed in.

Window Locks

To prevent burglars from tampering with window frames of the sliding window you need to install high quality window locks. There are two varieties available in the market, i.e., screwed and bolted. Both types are equally effective. The lock can be used to secure frames from both sides as well as up and down. Position the locks strategically. For maximum efficiency, place them along the line where the window meets the wall.

Vent Flaps

Typically an air conditioning device is smaller in size than the window. Therefore the free area outlining the cooling machine becomes an easy target for burglars. So to make sure no one takes advantage of this free space, you can install metal or plastic vent flaps. Secure the vents tightly so that no tampering can be done.

Sensor Alarms

To prevent any burglary attempt, install miniature high sensor alarm devices. These alarms can be positioned right on top of the AC so that any attempt to move it even by smallest proportions gets detected immediately. Make sure the alarm works properly and sets off in time.

A high-pitched alarm system is preferred since this will alert you even if you are in another room. Further the high-pitch sound alerts your neighbors too in case you are not at home. Most importantly the alarm sound scares the burglar away.

In case you can’t install an alarm system, try to fake it! Attach symbols denoting an alarm system on your air conditioning unit irrespective of whether you actually have it installed or not. Sounds funny? The strategy does work in such emergencies.

Last but not the least; you can always talk to any air conditioner expert to know how to render maximum protection to your window air conditioning unit.

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