Monday, 24 September 2018

How Much Does Ductless Air Conditioning Cost?

Do you wish to add an air conditioning unit to your house without the pricy ductwork? Ductless air conditioners are a great option when compared to window AC units. They are less obtrusive, a lot more efficient, and permit you to open the windows during pleasant weather conditions. Ductless AC also offers heating during winters!

The money you may have to pay for buying and installing ductless air conditioning ranges from USD 3,000 to approximately USD 5,000 or even more. This price is greater than a normal window air conditioning unit, but a lot less than the central air conditioner, particularly if you have no ductwork. How much the entire system will cost you will depend on several factors such as,

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Cooling needed:

Do you wish to air condition and heat the whole house, or just a room? What kind of house do you reside in? Is it a ranch-style home or a comfortable condo? The greater the square footage, the greater and costlier the ductless system can get.

A ductless, one-room air conditioning unit comes with a singular air handler connected with a condensing unit outside through a tiny hole within the wall. You can connect multiple air handlers with a single outdoor unit, which permits you to cool the entire house while saving heavily on the cost of installation in comparison to central air conditioning.

System Efficiency

Different systems have different efficiency rating. This helps in estimating operating costs. High-efficiency equipment can cost a lot upfront, but can decrease your electricity bills for several years. This ensures that the investment is actually worth it.

Hourly Rate and Installation Time

One of the costs of installation is labor. Installation entails a professional to put the indoor unit over the wall and place the outdoor system on a slab within the yard. It is also important to cut a hole within the wall for running refrigerant lines, electrical connections, control wiring between the outdoor and indoor units.

While the process of installation is extremely straightforward, it may take time, and the professional has to be paid for it. Remember, the labor and time costs needed for performing the job go up if there is also a need to remove the existing equipment. The good thing is, the installer can get rid of the older system.

Power Requirements

Outdated home wiring should be up to date if you wish to install a new HVAC system. This will necessitate you to employ the services of an electrician for adding a new circuit or an outlet. However, this will add to the installation cost in general.

For the best home cooling solution with no ductwork, ductless air conditioner is the most efficient.  However, it is best to hire a good HVAC expert for advice and installation.

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